About us
Hangzhou Microquanta Co. Ltd.(Microquanta) is a world-renowned leading enterprise in perovskite PV technology, which is one of the first institutions in China to engage in perovskite commercialization research, and the first company in the world to accomplish the manufacture and market application of perovskite at the level of hundred megawatts.It is gradually establishing an innovative,green,safe & efficient perovskite clean energy system. Microquanta is also committed to doing"perovskite frontier technology research, green and low-carbon manufacturing and market application".
Microquanta is actively involved in the construction of utility-scale solar farms and urban energy transformation, creating an industrialization demonstration of near-zero energy buildings, intelligent transportation and urban multi-energy PV and other multi-energy complementary and integration,which serve the national "double carbon" strategy and promote green and low-carbon development and ecological civilization construction.