Microquanta receives award for Top 10 Green Innovative Enterprises of 2020
From: Date:2020-10-13

Sep. 25, 2020 – Microquanta Semiconductor, ("Microquanta" or the "Company") announces that it was selected to “Top 10 Green Innovative Enterprises” award in the 2020 (11th) Clean Development International Conference. The conference was organized by International Financing Magazine and co-sponsored by Beijing Equity Exchange, Beijing Financial Asset Exchange and Beijing Environment Exchange, with the theme of "Green Innovation + Green Finance for Green Development of Production and Products".

As an award-winning company in the "New Materials and New Energy" industry, Microquanta was selected by the committee for its leading position of core technologies, which represents the future of sustainable development.

Mr. Lian Guo, President of Moganshan Research Institute and Executive Director of International Silk Road and Finance Alliance, awarded the prize to Dr. Buyi Yan (left), Co-founder and Executive Vice President of Microquanta.

With the economic and social development, global energy demand is rising. However, the challenges of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change are contributed by traditional fossil fuels. In addition to the abundant raw materials and excellent low-light performance, the company's perovskite solar cells also have the advantages of high conversion efficiency, low cost and low-carbon manufacturing. To solve the dual challenges of "more energy" and "less emission", Microquanta is committed to making efforts in the construction of China's ecological civilization and green development through continues innovations.