Microquanta Co., Ltd complete ¥60 million strategic investment
From:Microquanta News Date:2017-09-29

In September 2017, Microquanta Co., Ltd signed an investment agreement with the investment fund of Insigma. Dr. Jizhong Yao, CEO of microquanta and Zhang Canhong, vice president of Insigma Group attended the signing ceremony.

Over the years, PV generation as the representative of clean energy maintained a rapid development, and gradually changed Chinese energy structure, according to Chinese goverment's energy planning, to the end of 2020, the proportion of clean energy consumption will reach 15%. In order to create a more clean and efficient photovoltaic cells, since 2015 Microquanta has always been committed to the commercialising the perovskite solar cells. Insigma group invest Microquanta will assist to complete the perovskite solar cell preliminary industrialization.

As a platform of Zhejiang University’s research and production, Insigma has always held the motto of "Faith of truth and innovation" and devoted itself to scientific and technological innovation and achievements transformation. Relying on the academic advantages of Zhejiang University, Insigma focus on energy conservation and environmental protection business, and actively promote independent innovation and core products’ localization.

The strategic cooperation between the two sides will help the perovskite modules as soon as possible to achieve commercial and low-cost applications.


Perovskite & Microquanta

Perovskite Cell solar is a new type of thin-film solar cell, which is made of "organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite". The material not only has excellent photoelectric properties, but also can be prepared by low temperature solution, and the raw material source is rich and the cost is low. Since its first reported in 2009, its photoelectric conversion efficiency has jumped from the initial 3.8% to 22.1%, becoming the largest dark horse ever in the photovoltaic industry, and showing great commercial value. "Science" magazine in 2013 ranked it as one of the "ten breakthrough", 2016 Davos World Economic Forum (Tianjin) included it in the "ten new technology" list. The world's top scientific research institutions and large multinational companies, such as Oxford, EPFL have invested a lot of manpower and resources in recent years, and strive to achieve production.

Microquanta established in July 2015 by Dr. Jizhong Yao, Dr. Buyi Yan and Professor Yang Yang. The team have a strong R & D capability and is mainly engaged in the research and application of perovskite thin film solar cells, since its establishment the company continuously breakthrough in perovskite technology. The large area(area more than 16cm2) perovskite thin film modules produced by Microquanta in June 2017, its photovoltaic conversion rate reached 16%, through the third party certification organization Newport, which has a substantial increase in the perovskite solar modules compared to the former world record efficiency 12.1%. Microquanta is a first-class level of the world in perovskite module area.