Microquanta breaks efficiency record of large-area perovskite solar module
From:Microquanta Date:2019-08-09

HANGZHOU, Aug. 06, 2019 - Chinese perovskite solar company Microquanta Semiconductor announced that it had achieved a record efficiency of 11.98% with its large-area perovskite solar module200cm2-800cm2. The result was certified by European Solar Test Installation (ESTI) and was updated in the latest version of Champion Module Efficiencies table from National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

 (source: NREL)

In 2017, Microquanta first broke the world record efficiency for  ~20cm2perovskite solar mini-module. Since then, the company has broken the world record efficiency twice and holds the current world record of 17.9% (17.3% stable). The result was recognised in the latest Efficiency Tables published in Progress in Photovoltaics.

Perovskite materials were first introduced for solar power in 2009. It attracted the scientist and researchers worldwide with its superior optical properties, electrical characteristics and simple fabrication processes. The perovskite solar cell efficiency has been increasing from 3.8% to 25.2% in the last 10 years, which still has a huge potential.

It was reported that the perovskite solar module was fabricated from the new pilot production line of Microquanta. The successful production of large-area perovskite solar modules demonstrates that the gap becomes much closer between laboratory research and commercial applications for this technology.