Microquanta updated the record of perovskite module efficiency to 16%
From:Microquanta News Date:2017-05-03
April 2017, Microquanta updated the world record of perovskite module efficiency, again.

This time the record increased to 16% and  is included in the newly published solar efficiency tables.

Certification from Newport

 "At the beginning of this year, we solved one of the problems with the perovskite module, which is the homogeneity of large-scale production, so we increased the world record of perovskite module efficiency from 12.1% to 15.2%. Then we optimized the production process, and the efficiency increased to 16%, this efficiency has been close to the silicon material modules. "Microquanta's CEO Jizhong Yao said.

 Founded in July 2015, Microquanta is an innovative technology company dedicated to commercialising perovskite solar cells. Since 2015, Microquanta developed rapidly and assumed two projects of new material in PV area from Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology.