Professor Yang Yang from UCLA visited Microquanta
From:Microquanta News Date:2017-06-20

Professor Yang Yang from University of California, Los Angeles and the investor team came to Microquanta’s R&D center in Hangzhou On June 18.

The co-founder team of Microquanta showed recently developed perovskite PV modules to Professor Yang Yang, introduced the company's recent research and development results, and accompanied with Professor Yang visited the R & D center. Professor Yang expressed his recognition of the recent achievements of Microquanta and praised Microquanta for having a vibrant and efficient R & D team. After the visit, Professor Yang had a further exchanges with Microquanta’s team.

Prof. Yang Yang and the co-founders of Microquanta

Professor Yang Yang, the world famous organic semiconductor / conjugated polymer optoelectronic devices research experts. He has worked in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of California at Los Angeles and has been engaged in teaching and research related to organic solar cells. He has published nearly 260 high-level research papers , including 2 Science and 1 Nature, Apply for and authorize more than 50 patents for inventions. He has created several high-efficiency world records in the field of organic solar cells. Prof. Yang was awarded the Outstanding Young Professor Award and Young Scientist Award in 1998 and the Advanced Microelectronics Research Achievement Award in 2007. In 2009, he was the expert of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. His journal is one of those cited as the highest number in 2010; the first professor of University of California, 2011.