17.9% Microquanta set new world record for perovskite solar mini-module
From:Microquanta News Date:2018-07-02

HANGZHOU, July 2nd, 2018 -- Microquanta Semiconductor (the “Company” or “Microquanta”), the leader in perovskite solar technology, today announced it had achieved a new world record of 17.3% conversation efficiency for its perovskite solar mini-module under newly established testing protocols for perovskite devices. This result was certified by the international test center Newport Corp and reported in the latest Solar Cell Efficiency Tables (version 52) published in Progress in Photovoltaics this month.

Under the new rule, the stabilized 17.3% efficiency rating was for a 7-cell perovskite solar module with designated illumination area of 17.277  cm2 The best device reached even higher number of 17.9% wtih conventional testing method. The desired efficiency was achieved by further optimizations of perovskite materials and manufacturing processes. This is the company’s fourth continuous breakthrough of the world record efficiency of perovskite solar modules and the first one under new internationally accepted protocols. Since 2017, Microquanta had pushed the efficiency record up from 15.2% to 16%, and then to above 17% before this new accomplishment. 

Dr Rui Sheng, Chief Technology Officer at Microquanta commented, “We are committed in the perovskite solar technology and invest heavily in our R&D activities. The team is currently working hard for transferring its leading perovskite technologies from lab environment to processes ready for mass-production in its newly built pilot-manufacturing facility.” 

 “This efficiency record demonstrates another progress of the company, which aligns with our mission  of commercializing perovskite solar technology and making solar electricity affordable and available for everyone,” Dr Jizhong Yao, Chief Executive Officer at Microquanta added, “The experiences accumulated, and technology knowhows developed will provide us with great advantages  in our planned commercial scale production.”

About Microquanta Semiconductor

    Microquanta is the technology leader in the field of perovskite solar cells and modules. Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Hangzhou, China, Microquanta has evolved to the world leader in perovskite solar module efficiency. The company is determined to deliver its technology, products, and services to lower the cost of solar electricity and extend the application scenarios of solar energy. Microquanta’s perovskite solution can also be integrated into building components, consumer electronics, and automotive systems.